About US …

Paul Brenaman Sr. and Paul Brenaman Jr.
Owners / Operators

Brandy Lane Kennels was founded in 1953 by David and Dorothy Hughes and originally located in Mechanicsburg, PA on a road by the same name – Brandy Lane.

The kennel was later relocated to it’s present home on 2020 Stumpstown Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA in 1965.  This was done in an effort to avoid the stress on the dogs caused by the increasing population growth and position the kennels in a country setting.

Paul Jr. began working at the kennels in 1974 at the very impressionable age of 11.  He continued working at the kennels straight through high school.

By this time young Paul had certainly bonded with the love of animals and came to think of the kennel as HIS OWN.

Shortly after Paul Jr. graduated from high school Paul Sr. was looking for a career change.  The following year the two of them purchased the kennel.

Soon after purchasing the kennel they were once again faced with increased housing development, noise and concern for the setting they wished for the dogs.

They planted more than 700 arborvitae and trees as well as air conditioning the kennels – all with the hopes of reducing noises leaving the kennels or coming into the kennels.

The kennel population is kept to a level at which minimal outside help is required to attend to the hygiene and maintenance issues.  In this manner BOTH owners are free to tend to the business end of the kennel duties and SPEND TIME with each and every dog in order to monitor their health and emotional reactions while staying with them.

The Happiness, Cleanliness, Safety and overall well being of each and every dog rests on their shoulders – not their outside employee.

They will quickly tell you that ” We think of,  worry over,  and treat your dog as though they were OUR OWN !! “

This means if a dog needs medical attention they will respond as quickly and with the same compassion as though the dog is their own.  They will take the dog to the veterinary specified when the dog arrived but will quickly and personally take the dog to one of the 3 local emergency hospitals if it is after hours and the dog’s veterinary can not be reached.

There is always somebody on the property 24 hours a day and typically one, if not both, of the owners in the kennel 20 hours a day.

In the winter the kennel temperature is heated and maintained between 73 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer it is air conditioned to keep the temperature between 70 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit .

The dogs are given access to their exterior run 6 or 7 times over the course of the day.

There are several fenced in grass areas to allow the dogs to relax without intimidation from other boarders and get off of
the concrete surfaces as needed.

This also provides more one-on-one time between the
dogs and one of us.
We enjoy it too !!!

Our sincere goal is to ” We shall Earn,  Keep,  and THANK YOU for your TRUST in us !! “

Let us be “your dog’s Best Friend until you come to take them home”.

2020 Stumpstown Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA